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Consular Information Program

The State Department’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management administers the Consular Information Program, which informs the public of conditions abroad that may affect their safety and security. Country Specific Information, Travel Alerts, and Travel Warnings are vital parts of this program:

  • Country Specific Information is available online for the Republic of the Congo and for every country in the world. These reports are also available upon request in the Consular Section. Country Specific Information includes the location of the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country, unusual immigration practices, health conditions, crime and security information, road safety, unusual currency and entry regulations, and drug penalties.
  • Travel Alerts are issued to disseminate information about short-term conditions, generally within a particular country, that pose imminent risks to the security of U.S. citizens. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, coups, anniversaries of terrorist events, election-related demonstrations or violence, and high-profile events such as international conferences or regional sports events are examples of conditions that might generate a Travel Alert. Current Travel Alerts are available online or upon request in the consular section.
  • Travel Warnings are issued to describe long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable. A Travel Warning is also issued when the U.S. Government's ability to assist American citizens is constrained due to the closure of an embassy or consulate or because of a drawdown of its staff. Current Travel Warnings are available online or upon request in the consular section.